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What Is an Insurance Agency?

January 13, 2023
We get this a lot, and one we get even more is, "what is an independent insurance agency?" To start,…
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How to Sell Your Insurance Agency

November 18, 2022
Selling your insurance agency, just like selling any business, can seem like a daunting task. However, things don’t have to…
The Monona Terrace water fountain in Madison, Wisconsin with the capitol building in the background.

How to Become an Independent Wisconsin Insurance Agent

November 9, 2022
The Wisconsin insurance market is expected to grow at unprecedented levels within the coming decade, leaving many to wonder how…
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Human Resources Software

October 14, 2022
Workplace laws are evolving quickly. Review your handbook to ensure your policies are updated as the pandemic persists, and new…
Patient Handing Their Health Insurance Card to a Doctor in a White Coat

WEA Trust and Health Tradition to Exit WI Health Insurance Market

August 31, 2022
The Wisconsin-based not-for-profit WEA Trust and Health Tradition announced in July that they will be ending their health insurance market…
Word cloud/collage displaying words commonly associated with medical costs like price transparency and underinsured.

Transparency in Healthcare Coverage

August 30, 2022
Transparency in Coverage Health plan price transparency helps consumers know the cost of a covered item or service before receiving…
A bag of money, a full heart, and a stethoscope from the HSA

Health Savings Account (HSA)

August 30, 2022
HSAs: Managing Expenses and Saving for the Future A health savings account (HSA) can be paired with a qualified high-deductible…
White Prescription Pills Spilling From Orange Pill Bottle

Medicare Prescription Drug Costs

August 30, 2022
Prescription Drug Costs According to SHRM, the IRS seeks to reduce the cost of prescription drugs under Medicare Part D…
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