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Event insurance focuses on the risks, so you can focus on your event.

Organizing any event can be stressful, but the process is far easier if you know you’re covered against the financial risks of something going wrong. Event insurance can give you that peace of mind and let you concentrate on making it a success by providing you with specialized coverage.

Coverage for the cancellation of your event.

Generally, an event policy covers two elements. The first is cancellation coverage, which is broader than the name might suggest. It usually covers the costs relating to postponements rather than just canceling the event outright. It can also cover the costs you face if the event goes ahead but you have to spend extra money because a supplier or venue lets you down. Be sure to check exactly what situations are covered.

Required by most event venues.

The other element is liability coverage, which protects against any claims you face for property damage or injury related to the event. This could include injuries to venue staff or guests at the event. Liability coverage is often required by venues.

Policy options for events where alcohol is involved.

One point to watch for is how the policy covers alcohol-related incidents. The rules may be different depending on whether or not guests are paying for their drinks.

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