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Bundle your home and auto insurance and save.

Some things just make perfect sense in pairs:

Consider bundling home and auto insurance.

Many insurance companies will offer you a discount if you choose to bundle your home insurance and auto insurance policies with them. These discounts can run anywhere from 10% to 25% of the policy premium, which can result in significant savings. These savings are especially significant during a time when insurance rates for homeowners and car insurance are substantially increasing.

In addition, you may be able to pay the premium for the policies together, which adds convenience. Even if you do have to pay separately, just dealing with one insurance carrier can save you time when your renewal rolls around.

Check the individual policy prices and coverages.

The discount and the convenience of having your home and auto insurance bundled can be very enticing, but if savings are what you’re after, this may not be the least expensive option. Additionally, some companies may only bundle certain policies, leaving you buying more coverage than you need simply to get the bundled rate. An independent insurance agent can help you comb through the details to find the policies that are right for you.

Bundle auto insurance with renters insurance, too.

While home and auto insurance are commonly referred to together as an option to bundle, this doesn’t necessarily help someone who doesn’t own their home. If you have renters insurance, which is always a wise idea if you are renting, you may be able to bundle that policy with your auto policy as well.

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