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What is dental insurance?

Dental insurance helps cover the costs of dental care, so you can keep your teeth and smile in excellent condition. For those that do not have employer-sponsored dental insurance, acquiring individual dental insurance for you and/or your family can save you from paying large out-of-pocket dental costs, even for routine work.

How dental insurance plans work.

Individual dental insurance is designed to offer you coverage and help you budget for all levels of care. Dental plans offer a variety of diagnostic, preventative care, and corrective services which include cleanings, exams, x-rays, fillings, root canals, orthodontia for children, and emergency care while traveling. All of these are important for maintaining a healthy smile and having the proper coverage can ensure you get the dental care you need.

*Did you know that regular dental exams can even help detect serious underlying conditions such as heart disease and diabetes?

Dental insurance plan considerations.

In general, dental insurance plans are relatively straightforward. They usually state which procedures are covered and the out-of-pocket costs associated with specified dental services.

Despite this, it is important to keep in mind that some policies have a waiting period before your coverage kicks in. Waiting periods can range anywhere from a month to a year.

Another important thing to check is what your deductibles and co-pays will be to ensure they fit your needs.

At MSIG, we’d be happy to walk through the details of dental insurance with you. Simply request a dental insurance quote below and we’ll lead the way. If you already know what you want, you can buy a dental insurance plan directly!

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